Norwood design and manufacture precision walk on ceilings for cleanrooms and high specification manufacturing facilities. Walk-on ceiling panels were developed for facilities requiring full accessibility in the plenum or interstitial space. Load-bearing capabilities can be engineered for punctual loads.

Norwood’s ceiling panels provide architects, engineers and interior planners with tremendous flexibility in design and conceptualization, with off-site construction minimising disruptions on site whilst guaranteeing a high quality finish to consistent tolerances. Apertures for HEPA filters, light fixtures, control devices, and other penetrations are engineered and cut in the factory, enabling the end user a large degree of future flexibility as all components are relocatable.

All products are manufactured from high grade galvanised steel with an antibacterial vinyl applied to the face. Ceilings are available with integrated walk on glazing lights, offering a load capacity up to 250kg/m2, perfect for ceilings requiring regular cleaning and maintenance.

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