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Norwood’s cleanroom system comprises of pre-fabricated modular, load-bearing, air return partition walls, walk-on-ceilings and custom-made door sets. Our standard sealed modular wall panels are manufactured from high grade galvanised steel with an antibacterial vinyl applied to the face. Alternate products such as stainless steel can also be accommodated if required.

The antibacterial finish on our pre coated steel, kills bacteria on contact and the substrate removes any chance of corrosion when used in accordance with the supplier's warranty.

Cleanroom systems can be tailored to suit individual requirements, with panel widths of 300mm, 500mm and 1000mm, these can be solid steel, single or double glazed panels, and or incorporated with integrated services if required. We also offer various door styles and finishes complete with door hardware to complete the cleanroom.

Module widths, heights and partition thickness are designed project specific and are tailored to suit the client's specifications. The Norwood cleanroom partition system is a fully relocatable and insulated system, consisting of prefabricated panel elements with a single line connection. Walls can be erected with access to only one side and require no special tools, this allows for fast and secure installation.

Norwood’s cleanroom wall and ceiling system, which can be utilized for use in class 1 through to class 100,000 guarantees a high quality finish to consistent tolerances, incorporation of integral flush mounted utilities can be completed with minimum disruption on-site, thereby delivering innovation and quality whilst allowing clients to continue to operate without interruption.

Please see our projects page and brochures in the downloads section for further information.