Metal-Pan Suspended Ceiling

The Norwood Metal-Pan ceiling was developed for areas where a walk-on-ceiling isn't required, offering an exact technical and colour specification match to our Norwood partition systems. The ceiling system is designed and manufactured to offer full flexibility, allowing each design to be bespoke to the customers' specific requirements.

All products are manufactured under organised quality assured controls to +/- 0.4mm precision, utilising the latest in AMADA machinery.
The system offer a high degree of off-site construction which guarantees a high-quality finish to consistent tolerances, whilst offering the customer an accelerated programme. It offers the end user a large degree of future flexibility as all the components are demountable and relocatable.



Ceiling Thickness:
- Top of spring tee to base of tile is 45mm.
- 0.5mm gauge pre-coat materials.

Partition Finish:
- Pre-formed steel panels with a Foodsafe Laminate on a galvanised substrate.
Various colours available, samples and data sheets can be sent on request.

Fire Ratings:
- Class O Spread of Flame (BS: 476-6 & 7).

Cleanroom Classification:
- ISO Class 5, 6, 7 and 8 - Note: Class 1 and 2 possible subject to further discussions.

Acoustic Ratings:
- Acoustic inlays can be provided upon request.

Thermal Ratings:
Thermal inlays can be provided on request.

U Values:
- Metal-Pan 600x600mm - 5.6 W(m²K)

Air Leakage:
- Due to the air tightness of the Metal-Pan ceiling system the minimum measurable air flow was not exceeded so leakage readings only available from 60Pa.

Details and Tolerances:
- No core material to ceiling panel void unless acoustic or thermal rated.
- Deflection allowance: +/- 5.0mm.
- Joint Treatment: silicone or flush push in dry PVC gasket.