Norwood continues to strengthen its cleanroom business, having successfully landed the contract to develop an integral part of the Aberdeen Fisheries fish research centre.

Working in partnership with Barr Construction to extend the Torry site in Aberdeen, the existing fish health building is to be replaced with the new development, featuring a state-of-the-art cleanroom, designed by Norwood, in association with Barr and Architon LLP architects.

The development will be used by leading scientists to carry out essential research and diagnosis in support of the Scottish Government's objectives to facilitate a sustainable aquaculture industry. The cleanroom, developed by Norwood will be used to advance research into safeguarding the health of Scotland's wild fish and shellfish stocks.

Marine Scotland believe that in order to retain Marine Scotland at the leading edge of aquatic marine science, more modern specialist laboratories and aquaria are required.   

Norwood were selected as partners due to their expertise in cleanroom design and cleanroom construction. As the UK's leading designer of advanced cleanroom systems, Norwood will be incorporating their unique Enviro cleanroom wall system with fully flush glazed windows and doors within the overall design.

The Cleanseal plank walk-on ceiling system will be used to carry vital services above the cleanroom environment, set within the 3000 square metre development in Aberdeen.