During 2011 Norwood were appointed to work on part of a major investment programme by the University of Sheffield. Appointed by architect Bond Bryan and main contractor ISG to develop a 'Factory of the Future', Norwood assisted in the development of an Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) in South Yorkshire.

Norwood were able to use their solid expertise in controlled environment cleanrooms to design and develop a range of bespoke steel partitioning solutions for the AMRC’s Composite Centre. As part of a major investment programme supported by the European Regional Development Fund, the 1800sq metre expansion featured state of the art interior construction methods enabling a fast track programme to be easily implemented.

The main challenge was to construct a clean precision engineering facility where the walls and ceilings would achieve an air leakage of not more than an average of 0.2 - 0.25 m3/m2/hr per Pa and a need to maintain a pressure of 20Pa, whilst maintaining complete flexibility to incorporate planned and future services. By working closely with the architect and ISG, Norwood accomplished an optimal design flexibility to allow the lighting and duct apertures together with other services to be factory formed in the walls and ceilings which in some areas had heights of over six meters.

John Gittins, ISG regional Managing Director commented

“the specification for this state-of-the-art research facility has driven our search for best of breed solutions that deliver to exacting standards. Any steel partitioning solution would need to meet the demanding performance requirements of the facility’s controlled environment and cleanrooms, as well as delivering efficiencies during the installation process. Norwood’s bespoke solution achieved both requirements’.