Norwood's decorative wall cladding system is designed as a fully integrated and versatile interior finishing system that incorporates high quality wall linings, lift lobby linings as well as reveals, soffits, bulkheads and skirting. Our Wall Lining systems can become the main aesthetic for a building, or alternatively used to enhance the acoustic, fire and thermal performance of an existing masonry wall. Decorate panelling can be used to help conceal any building irregularities when required within renovation projects.

Norwood wall cladding systems accommodate fire performance, resistance to moisture, detailing around fenestration, openings, acoustics, environmental concerns and a host of other technical properties. A highly versatile and adaptable solution for services, bulkheads, stylish lift reveals and or decorative skirting’s, all available in brushed and PPC aluminium as well as stainless steel. Wall lining / cladding systems offer limitless design choice, especially considering cost. 

All Norwood panel options offer quick, cost effective solutions for Architects and Designers to specify high quality walls to meet the exacting demands of any client.

Solutions are offered in a wide range of natural and durable materials, delivering a visually stunning, high performance solution. Beautifully simple in its design, quick to install, and with a wide range of décors, textures and natural finishes.

Each cladding solution is uniquely configured on a project by project basis, to deliver project specific solutions. Wherever there is a need for a custom product, Norwood is the smart solution with fully integrated system components allowing multiple reveal and panel edge options.

Because of its modular design and highly configurable hardware array, wall lining solutions can be shipped to meet the most demanding of lead times, and installed far more quickly and effectively than traditional wall panel systems.

Unique designed panels can be integrated within the system incorporating back light effects or LCD displays, whilst a range of services can be concealed and housed within a clear space behind the panels.

Please see our projects page and brochures in the downloads section for further information.