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Modular Fertility Clinic

Main Contractor: Norwood
End User: Avenues 


HEALthcare clinic




10 weeks


250 sqm




Working collaboratively with Avenues team, Norwood has developed a patient-centric modular solution for healthcare facilities combing functionality, safety and statutory compliance with comfort and luxurious interiors. Designed to serve patients and support staff, Norwood created a new 250m2 fertility clinic within an envelope of an existing building, located in London. Manufacturing and assembling components off-site reduced the amount of construction time spent on-site. The installation was completed in just 10 weeks.

Project Spec

Constructed from Norwood’s revolutionary pod system, the new facility comprises operating theatres, comfortable recovery suites, a stylish reception and modern consulting rooms. The pods are built from a series of individual steel-framed rooms that can be easily relocated, assembled or dismantled to create a truly flexible environment. Crucially, the pods are free-standing and are entirely structurally independent from the building envelope in which they are placed. Any future adaptation to the facility can be done much faster than with the standard construction approach reducing clinic downtime.

Avenues aspired to create warm and comforting environment that builds trust and provides a better patient experience, staying away from a typically ‘clinical’ feel.  As part of this hospitable design concept, Norwood developed several new products such as demountable wooden slide, swing and fold doors, and a range of new customizable panels with different textures and finishes, including veneer oak and anti-bacterial fabric. Timber and fabric finishes made the space feel welcoming and comfortable. At the same time, Norwood utilised their hygienic steel panels in medical areas, to ensure statutory compliance.

Norwood team completed all the finishes, from various skirtings and integrated cupboards through lightings and microcement tops to supplying furniture. 

Products used

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