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Committed to innovation, Norwood develops cost-effective,  aesthetically pleasing and sustainable solutions whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality and regulatory compliance.


Tailored Solutions

Our product portfolio comprises customizable steel partitions, glazing, ceilings, free-standing structures and door sets, perfectly suited for the construction of a wide range of environments – from cleanrooms, laboratories and healthcare clinics through to modern offices and classrooms.


Adopting a proactive and flexible approach to design, we can tailor dimensions, configurations and finishes to realise your vision. Integrating power, data, security, fire protection and utilities into every
partition, we combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. Total modularity of the systems allows easy interchangeability of the panel skins, enabling clients to easily remodel their spaces.


All products are manufactured under stringent quality assured controls to +/- 0.4mm precision, utilising the latest AMADA machinery. The system offers a high degree of off-site construction which guarantees a high-quality finish to consistent tolerances, whilst offering the customer an accelerated programme.


We provide steadfast quality through careful selection of only the most robust and reliable materials.  As such, we source Swedish Steel; an innovative, sustainable colour coated steel which effectively couples superior aesthetics with long-lasting performance. Steel has a 100 percent closed recycling loop – without the creation of hazardous waste. Steel is also easy to repurpose and reuse and emits less CO2 during its production than other common building materials.

Our system is compliant with BREEAM requirements.


All our products can be found on the RIBA product selector, through NBS Specification.

Mediline Partition System

A fully demountable and relocatable double skin bi-panel system, consisting of prefabricated panels which friction lock to a galvanised framework for fast secure installation.

Timberline Partition System

A new range of demountable timber, fabric and glass panels used to create agile, compliant and stylish spaces, bringing warmth and added texture to the built environment.

Glazed Partitions

We offer several glazed partitions, designed and manufactured to offer the full flexibility of a modular partition system, allowing each design to be bespoke to the customers’ specific requirements.

Wall Lining and Cladding

Our decorative wall cladding system is designed as a fully integrated and versatile interior finishing solution that incorporates high quality wall linings, lift lobby linings as well as reveals, soffits, bulkheads and skirting.


Our cleanroom system comprises of pre-fabricated modular, load-bearing, air return partition walls, walk-on-ceilings and custom-made door sets; compliant with the Statutory Regulations, such as MHRA and GMP.


Fully modular, PodSolve solution utilizes our partitioning system providing a free-standing and truly flexible environments.

Metal Pan Ceiling

Norwood’s ceiling panels provide clients with tremendous flexibility in design and conceptualization, with off-site construction minimising disruptions on site whilst guaranteeing a high quality finish to consistent tolerances.

Walk on Ceiling

Norwood’s MediCeil Walk on Ceiling system offers full flexibility and the ultimate platform for maintenance of services from above.


Our steel and timber doors can be integrated with various types of walling whilst offering full flexibility and demountability. Doors are bespoke to the customer’s specific project requirements, offering fire and acoustic ratings.

Rapid Rise Doors

Norwood are official suppliers and installers of the Dynaco High Speed Doors, including their innovative cleanroom range.


Available as a single and multi-storey option, it provides an additional level between the main floors in a building. Designed, manufactured and installed in-house, it conforms to the latest required standards.


We offer several bespoke accessories, including vision panels, flush coving and flush dado and break out panels.

Recent Projects


Global Packing Centre

AstraZeneca Macclesfield Campus
The Global Packing Centre, GMP Grade D Packing Cells,

Advanced Manufacturing 

Aston Martin F1 HQ

Aston Martin F1 Factory  
Advanced manufacturing areas and cleanrooms


Semiconductor Facility

ISO4-ISO7 Cleanrooms  at the state-of-the art Manufacturing Facility 

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