Norwood can offer integrated services within any of its panel systems and doors, from flush-mounted services integrated within the room walls to bespoke components manufactured to client specification. 
Norwood are always open to special requests. In fact, we often look forward to them, because our strength is building new solutions. Our designers, technicians and engineers, who are always looking for innovative ways to develop our products further, ensure that the concepts of our clients are implemented perfectly. That way everyone receives a product that is custom-made.

We are always open to designing new solutions so if you have any specific enquiries about a product you require please get in touch.

Some of the options we can offer are detailed below:
-   Integrated door and flush glazed units
-   Door sets with integrated magnetic lock solutions
-   Integrated lighting within panels
-   Integrated blinds and controls
-   Integrated inlet and extract grills within the walls and ceiling panels
-   Access panels
-   Shelving, lockers, sinks, services and wipe boards
-   Manifestations

Please see our projects page and brochures in the downloads section for further information.